Project: Hachi-Roku

In 1983, the Toyota Corolla / Sprinter followed other cars in the switch to front-wheel drive. Only the sports models of the series, like the AE86 chassis, remained rear-wheel drive; earning its popularity as the last lightweight rear-wheel drive vehicle. The engine was a new 1587cc DOHC Inline-4 named the 4A-GE. Although the engine was not that great in terms of power and torque, it responded sharply. The chassis was also equipped with MacPherson Strut front suspension and 4-link Live Axle rear suspension. Enter to view.



In 1962, the Volkswagen Beetle exceeded 200,000 annual sales in America. Over 21 million of the Type 1 chassis were built from 1938 to 2003, with the production of the Beetle only being interrupted by World War II. The small family car is not only the best known car of Volkswagen, but is one of the most recognizable and distinctive cars in the world. In 1962, the engine was an aircooled 1192cc OHV Boxer-4, which was also designated as the Type 1. The chassis was equipped with Trailing-Arm front suspension and Semi Trailing-Arm Swing Axle rear suspension. Enter to view.

Project: Käfer
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